Light Touch


The goal of this site is to create Exponential Blessings and Good Fortune,

Exponential Financial Blessings, and Healing for Ourselves and Others. This comes about Naturally  by Activating the “Law of Attraction”  through a system I call Light Touch


“When Your Blessings are Blessed… You’re  Truly Blessed “


May All of Our Dreams Come True M ***


LT  is a system I designed to wake up faster, to become free, to increase my finances and your’s.   Light Touch works and the effects are cumulative.  It is also an interactive multi media Event.


While Performing Light Touch

Imagine each Light is Saying Yes

When You Do This… Invisible wheels begin turning and it starts Occurring…     Screenshot 2016-01-10 17.21.26


* Authors Note…  *  Blessings are the improving of any block or limitation, the betterment of any situation, Inner Peace, Attracting a proper mate and loved one, Productivity, Health etc.    End Note… * 


The Law of Attraction when activated is a Blessing.  Everyday Blessings make life an enjoyable experience.


Thank you for Healing!

Thank You for Blessings !

Thank You for Blessing Our Blessings. 

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You   

and Do Light Touch… This is the gratitude Prayer…


Screenshot 2015-10-13 13.01.35


Imagine Each Light is Saying Yes

Thank you Thank You Thank You for Blessing All of Our Requests



When we ask more often for that which we desire, that alone increases our success ratio..

When you ask with Light Touch you accelerate the process.  Light Touch is a special place it’s  the world that exists between touching and not touching. A little zone where a Vibration can be cultivated to bring about healing of our obstructions to create favorable results.   


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